Unity Foundation and Horizon Bank fund EDCMC Cool Coding Week

Unity Foundation of La Porte County and Horizon Bank are proud to partner with the Economic Development Corporation of Michigan City (EDCMC) to bring Eleven Fifty Academy to Michigan City Area Schools (MCAS) for a “Cool Coding Week” initiative in May 6-12. Each organization donated $6,000 to sponsor the program. Computer coding is what makes it possible to create computer software, apps and websites, but almost anything that runs on electricity uses code.  The code is what humans write to tell machines what to do.

Eleven Fifty Academy is a non-profit organization founded with an aim of closing the gap in the nation’s technology skills. During “Cool Coding Week” in early May, they will be on-site at all Michigan City Area Schools, engaging both students and adult learners in a variety of computer coding activities.

Maggi Spartz, Unity Foundation president said, “Unity identified the need to increase the computer coding I.Q. of La Porte County some time ago. We were delighted when the EDCMC found the Eleven Fifty Academy to bring a full week of computer coding to Michigan City. Coding, problem solving and teamwork are skills needed today, not in some distant future. The ‘Internet of Things’ is a new job reality that merges physical jobs with digital technology.  The “Cool Coding Week” is a great way to promote coding awareness and skills so our students and adult workers can benefit themselves and our employers.”

EDCMC is leading this project, working directly with the school district and businesses. “With technology making its way in to all aspects of the world of work, it is only fitting that we start preparing our future workforce as early as possible”, said Clarence Hulse, EDCMC Executive Director, “and what better way to introduce computer coding to the Michigan City community than through our school system.  We are happy to partner with so many companies and organizations that have interest in providing the skills of tomorrow to our students today.”

“Introducing students to skills that can help them succeed in the job market – and possibly keep those talented citizens right here in La Porte County following high school or college graduation – aligns with Horizon’s goals to assist in the growth and prosperity of our communities,” stated Tom Edwards, Horizon Bank President.  He continued, “We are proud to help fund this outstanding opportunity for Michigan City students and are pleased that EDCMC asked us to support this important endeavor.”

Dr. Barbara Eason Watkins, MCAS Superintendent, said “Cool Coding Week” will supplement coding units and activities already under way at schools such as Lake Hills STEM Elementary and Michigan City High School, and in after-school programs. “It’s important that students of all ages are exposed to ideas and technologies that will prepare them for college and future careers,” she said. “We can’t wait to see their enthusiasm during Coding Week, and we look forward to building on this with similar opportunities in the future.”
To learn more about how your business can support or become involved during Cool Coding Week, call EDCMC at (219) 873-1211.