25 Stellar Reasons to Support Unity

  1. Keeping families in safe, warm homes; providing shelter for the homeless
  2. Filling thousands of empty stomachs
  3. Preventing and responding to abuse and neglect
  4. Dressing kids for success
  5. Improving the eyesight of local children by vision screenings
  6. Paying thousands of dollars towards college tuition
  7. Bringing learning to life in our classrooms through teacher grants
  8. Training future business leaders through internships
  9. Championing literacy and education programs
  10. Offering opportunities for youth to learn the value of philanthropy
  11. Giving cancer patients hope
  12. Helping disabled individuals excel
  13. Touching souls through arts and culture
  14. Strengthening our rural way of life
  15. Connecting people with nature and animals
  16. Convening groups to expand knowledge and create strategies for future success
  17. Collaborating locally, regionally, and statewide for the betterment of our community
  18. Supporting economic development efforts
  19. Preserving historical structures
  20. Leveraging dollars through matching grants and providing access to information
  21. Building non-profit capacity through technical assistance and grants
  22. Preserving the view of Pine Lake through Unity’s vision and leadership
  23. Championing environmental improvements
  24. Encouraging innovative approaches, projects, and organizations
  25.  Facilitating effective community planning