“A community fund is always well worth the effort to create, and serves the area forever.” Mary Lou Linnen

Board Member

Community Funds

Benefits of starting a Community Fund
A Community Fund is a donor’s broadest option. These funds are established to benefit the entire county to which they are directed. The Foundation funds those projects that best meet the community’s most pressing needs, even when those needs change over time. A knowledgeable group of local people monitor community needs and resources and have the challenging task of deciding how to best use the funds. By making a gift or bequest to create a Community Fund, a donor can create a living legacy that will grow and change as the community does.

A Community Fund is the best option for a donor who:

  • wants his or her gift to have the broadest impact on the community over time.
  • is motivated to “give back” rather than to support a particular charitable organization.
  • is considering creating a private foundation for broad charitable purposes.
  • wants his or her gift to remain flexible to respond to changing community needs.

AAUW La Porte Community Fund

John P. & Anne H. Daley Community Fund

Randy and Jane Dorman Foundation Fund

Sanford Z. Friedman Community Fund

Kabelin Family Community Fund

Tom and Judy Ringo Community Fund

Backer Family Fund ____________

Ernest and Mildred Delco Community Fund

Charles T. & Pauline J. Dye Endowment Fund

David C. Gardner Community Fund

Ruth W. Pollingue Community Fund

Philip A. Sprague Community Fund

John and Jean Vail Fund

Fred and Helen Brust Community Fund

Pauline M. Dent Memorial Fund

Mark E. Essling Community Fund

Sandra L. Young Community Fund

Purdue Federal Credit Union Fund

Unity Foundation ‘Power for Good’ Fund

< Thomas C & Blach G Stokes Community Fund



Tower/Oktoberfest Community > Fund 

Community Funds Cont. 

The following are geographic specific community funds and do not qualify for matching funds from Lilly Endowment.

Galena Township Community Fund

Hanna, Indiana Community Fund

Westville, Indiana Community Fund

John A. & Dorothy Sieb Carstens Fund