Unity Foundation Projects

What Is the ‘Love Our Lakes’ Campaign?

Love Our Lakes is a campaign to increase understanding of and appreciation for all our lakes. If we realize the value of our lakes and other water assets, then we can have a better chance of having them for our children, grandchildren or great grandchildren to enjoy. Most people do not know how our lakes came to be,what has changed them in the past, and what is threatening them now.

Did You Know?


■  There are 10 lakes within and around the City of
La Porte
■  There used to be 17 lakes. . . what happened to them?
■  There are even more lakes connected to La Porte County. . . including the great Lake Michigan!

Love Our Lakes Inaugural Project – The Pine Lake Avenue Project

While there is a rich history of people protecting our lakes, this project hopes to provide an important link in the chain connecting people with our natural resources. The ultimate goal for this project is to create a beautiful public space – right on Pine Lake, to be enjoyed by everyone for generations to come.

How did the Pine Lake Avenue Project Start?
“It all started when someone noticed the ‘For Sale’ sign and asked ‘What’s going to go there? Would it be something to block the awesome view?’ At the same time, Unity was looking to have an even greater impact on the community. Our role here is to get things going and coordinate action”

– Maggi Spartz, President of Unity Foundation

“Unity Foundation is quarterbacking a project that no one group could do alone. We are excited about the potential of this project as it becomes something people can appreciate and enjoy for many years… Our Lakes!”

– Steve Bernth, President of La Porte Park Foundation

Why this property?
■ It is right at La Porte’s front door
■ Near another treasure – Kiwanis Teledyne Park
■ There is very little public space on North Pine Lake
■ Fantastic view of the lake
■ May be able to minimize environmental impacts of other developments there
■ Right place at the right time
How will this project contribute to the community?
■ The lakes are an important part of our identities and family memories 0 Can you imagine this “City of Lakes” without any lakes? The lakes should always be a draw and a delight!
■ Welcomes visitors, families or potential businesses looking to locate here
■ Enriches quality of life and makes Pine Lake available to everyone
■ Love Our Lakes campaign can energize the community and build community pride
Why do we need to pay attention to our lakes?
Threats include:

■ E-coli and other bacteria that threaten human and wildlife health
■ Run-off of fluids, salt, phosphorus, dirt or chemicals that are toxic or clogging
■ Water level fluctuation
■ Illegal filling in of our surface water resources
■ Pollutants, trash and dumping

Who's involved?
Initially, Unity Foundation of La Porte County and La Porte Park Foundation came together. We cannot do this alone! The Love Our Lakes campaign wishes to create an ever-widening circle of champions to complete and steward this inaugural project. Next, we’ll find other ways to show our love and gratitude for our lakes.
How you can join us!
■ Make a pledge of tax-deductible gift to help us complete and maintain the property at 1010 Pine Lake Avenue
■ Get others involved
■ Consider becoming a sustaining partner for this and future Love Our Lakes projects – whether you’re an individual, family or organization
■ Make your own submissions to the website or Facebook page! Get your own family involved with it. Visit the sites regularly to see what others have submitted