Simple Giving Program

Getting started is easy!

1. Complete the Simple Giving form.

2. Email (, fax (219-210-3881) or mail the form to Unity.

3. We will confirm that we received your form, and get started when you tell us to!


Read this story about one of our REAL LIFE donors, Jada Anderson.

It’s another busy day at the pharmacy. Jada Anderson is filling prescriptions. But at the same time, she just made a donation to her favorite Unity Foundation scholarship funds helping first generation and minority students. It’s another busy day in court. Attorney Mindy Heidel is representing her clients. Meanwhile, she made a donation to Unity’s Boy Scout Fund, and to the Operating Fund as well.

We live in busy times. We have agendas, appointments, schedules, timetables, responsibilities. All seemingly ASAP. For all the times you have no time to think about the causes you hold dear, Unity now offers Simple Giving.

Simple Giving is an automatic withdrawal option, similar to most withdrawal programs. With your authorization, Unity makes automatic withdrawals from your bank to the fund(s) of your choice.

As a pharmacist in Michigan City, Jada fills prescriptions, counsels patients, oversees the work of six or seven technicians, and she is also a manager. “It gets really hectic,” she said. Jada also has a three-year-old son to keep her busy. “Automatic withdrawal is convenient and easy.”

Mindy works a lot of hours too, including Saturdays and Sundays. She added, “Also, I do all of my banking online. I don’t write paper checks. Send me an envelope in the mail, and even if I want to do it, it’s more likely to be put aside.” In fact, Simple Giving was Mindy’s idea, suggested at a Unity marketing meeting. She remembered, “I was thinking, how could Unity attract young professionals in the community like me as a donor? We don’t have a lot of assets. But we have income. Any donations would come from that income.”

The days are so busy for Sharon, an Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager for Horizon Bank, she sometimes doesn’t have time to do her own personal banking. Sharon said, “A lot of my life is online. It’s a tool for peace of mind.” Horizon is the partner company with Unity on the project. Sharon has been working with Unity to bring the Simple Giving program up to speed. In the process, she discovered a more personal connection. Sharon said, “We value our community at Horizon. I’m a big advocate for animals, and I didn’t realize Unity had animal programs set up. This is the perfect way to give back to a cause that is important to me.”

Like Sharon, Jada and Mindy don’t think of Simple Giving as a deduction from their bank accounts. They think of it as an addition to their community, a means to achieving their charitable goals. Jada and Mindy were recipients of Unity scholarships. “Unity helped me, so I want to help someone else,” Jada said. Mindy added, “Unity has a good mission. I believe in it. They serve all kinds of people in the community.”

Sharon said, “It reaffirms my commitment.” While Jada, Mindy and Sharon have targeted specific funds, others might consider starting their own fund through Simple Giving. What works best for you? Let us know.

Either way, Simple Giving means you can take one more item permanently off your to-do list. It also lets Unity give back something important to you – a bit of precious time.