The Gold Key Society is a special group of professional advisors who help foster gifts to the Unity Foundation of La Porte County.  They play a key role in helping people to make La Porte County a better place for the future through gifts that last forever, as well as fulfilling the client’s wishes in a professional and effective manner. We are grateful to the Gold Key Society advisors for helping clients reach their charitable goals through the Unity Foundation.

Gold Key Recipients

Ed Volk, attorney at Newby, Lewis, Kaminski, & Jones
Todd Wooten, Blue Sky Financial Partner, Inc.

Sarah Brown, Edward Jones

Jess Denger, Edward Jones & Bruce Stevins, StevINS Financial Services
David F. Pendergast, Financial Advisor at Edward Jones, and Jodi Pressel, Senior Branch Office Administrator
Jim Kaminski, attorney at Newby, Lewis, Kaminski & Jones

David Albers, AFS Company
ManDee Alevizos, Edward Jones
William Anderson, CPA
Paul Applegate, Applegate & Co. CPAs
Espar & Associates
Natalie J. Boocher
, Drayton, Biege, Sirugo & Elliott, LLP
Sarah Brown, Edward Jones
Sara & Bill Carlisle, Geisen-Carlisle Funeral Home
Robin Clark, Horizon Bank
Nate Cobbs, Harbour Trust & Investment
Jess Denger, Edward Jones
V. Michael Drayton, Drayton, Biege, Sirugo, & Elliott, LLP
William A. Elliott, Drayton, Biege, Sirugo, & Elliott, LLP
Greta Friedman
Shaw Friedman, Friedman & Associates, P.C.
Tim Gartland, AAMS, Edward Jones
Alicia Gloyeske, Attorney
Rhonda Graves, Haverstock Funeral Home
Steve Gronceski, CFP, Strategic Financial Group, LLC
Lynn E. Haverstock, Ott/Haverstock Funeral Chapel
William E. Hedge, Attorney
Cynthia Hedge, Attorney
Lori Howard, Harbour Trust & Investment
Ralph F. Howes, Howes and Howes, LLP
Michael K. Jones, CFP, Ameriprise Financial          Services, Inc.
Jim Kaminski, Newby, Lewis, Kaminski & Jones
John A. Kaylor, Schmitt & Kaylor, CPAs
David R. Kibbe, J.D., Indiana Trust Wealth Management
Dale Knouse, Cutler Funeral Home
Deborah J. Koller, Raymond James

Michael R. Kopec, Edward Jones                                James F. Lake, Ameriprise Financial
Scott S Luc, CFPⓇ,
Wealth Management Advisor,    Merill Lynch
Lawrence J. Mazur, 
Attorney                                       Barry F. McDonnell, Attorney                                         Ann Metcalf,  CPA, Angelos & Rardin                          Brian C. Merrill, Harbour Trust                          Stephanie Oberlie, Harbour Trust                               Dale Parkison, CPA, Parkison & Hinton
David F. Pendergast, Edward Jones
Lawrence Rardin, CPA, Angelos & Rardin
Patrick W. Reynolds, Ott/Haverstock Funeral Chapel
Timothy D. Rice, CAPTRUST                                       Michael V. Riley , Attorney                                                                              Thomas W. Root, Root Funeral Home
Bob Rose, Harbour Trust & Investment
Jonathan E. Salisbury, AAMS, Edward Jones
Rachel L. Saxon, Horizon Trust & Investment Management
Richard J. Schmitt, Schmitt & Kaylor, CPAs
James M. Shearin, Schmitt & Kaylor, CPAs
Dave Sirugo, Drayton, Biege, Sirugo, & Elliott, LLP
Jeffery Smith, PNC Bank
Bruce Stevens , StevINS Financial Services
Marti Swanson, Swanson & Swanson Insurance
Suzy Vance, The Power of Money 101
Karen Vogelsang, Vogelsang Asset Management
Edward L. Volk, Newby, Lewis, Kaminski & Jones
Edward J. Wainscott, CPA
Brad Werner, Brad Werner & Co.
Todd Wooten, CSA, CID, Blue Sky Financial Partners, Inc.