Tanber-Blair Golf Scholarship Fund

The Tanber-Blair Golf Scholarship Fund was transferred to the Unity Foundation in 2014 by the Tanber-Blair Golf Scholarship Foundation to provide college scholarships to graduates of La Porte County schools.

The Larry Tanber Story

Larry Tanber is an extraordinary gentleman and outstanding amateur golfer who has spent most of his life promoting and playing golf with many of the great names in amateur and professional ranks. He has also introduced and mentored many young people in the game, several of whom were or are active in the PGA.

From his service in World War II, when he served with Patton’s army in the Battle of Bastogne and earned the Silver Star, to his assistance conducting workshops with his life-long friend George Thomas, a Master PGA member, Larry consistently exemplified the character, integrity and dedication to and love of golf that is obvious to all of his many friends and acquaintances.

An amateur throughout his golfing career, Larry Tanber grew up in Michigan City and, except for his military service, lived there his entire life. He is a golfing legend in La Porte County, having won 16 County championships and 14 Michigan City championships, as well as the Indiana Amateur championship in 1965. He has a cellar full of trophies but he calls his wife Gwen, whom he married in 1998, “the greatest trophy” he’s ever won.

The Bob Blair Story

Bob’s love of golf and dedication to young people is legendary. Hundreds got to know Bob around the golf course. Thousands of young people were helped and positively influenced by Bob. In his role as Sheriff, as well as a child abuse investigator, Bob instituted anti-drug and gang education in our schools. One of his last requests was for the continued support of the newly created scholarship fund.

On September 16th, 2001, Bob lost his battle with cancer. It can be simply said…Bob is truly missed.

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This photo was taken of Larry in 1955 after winning the La Porte County Championship title. The number six represents his sixth county title… he would go on to win 10 more!

Bob Blair on the course.

October 2014: The Tanber-Blair Scholarship is officially transferred to Unity Foundation.