Donation Overview

Donation Overview

Making A Difference

Our goal at Unity Foundation of La Porte County is to make your charitable dream, whatever it may be, come true. We can help you answer these questions:

How can I make a difference?

What are the community’s most pressing needs?

How can I pass my charitable values onto my children or grandchildren?

How can I leave a legacy?

Make a Gift to One of Unity’s 300+ Funds

Unity Foundation makes it easy to support the La Porte County causes you care most about. Give now to help strengthen our community now and forever.

Establish A Fund

Creating a fund within Unity Foundation of La Porte County is an easy process. By working with you individually, as well as your financial advisor, our staff  is able to customize a fund to achieve your philanthropic goals.

Establish A Fund

Creating a fund within Unity Foundation of La Porte County is an easy process. By working with you individually, as well as your financial advisor, our staff  is able to customize a fund to achieve your philanthropic goals.

  1. Your contribution is never outdated.
  2. Unity guarantees the endowment you establish today will be just as vital in the future. We give equal attention to the first fund established in 1992 and to the one created yesterday.
  3. Your contribution achieves maximum impact.
  4. Unity’s proven investment management will increase the effectiveness of your gift.
  5. You receive maximum tax benefits. Contributions qualify for maximum income, gift and estate tax deductions. The Unity Foundation of La Porte County is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity exempt from income taxes under section 501(c)(3).
  6. You can remain actively involved in your endowment (donor-advised funds ONLY).
  7. Unity offers you and others you choose (including succeeding generations) the ability to discuss and recommend grants from the endowment you establish.
  8. Your gift is your living memorial.
  9. You choose the name and purpose of the endowment, thus leaving a highly personal, yet publicly expressed, legacy for your family, your company, your favorite community beneficiary, or others.
  10. We know where help is needed.
  11. Unity staff has an in-depth knowledge of La Porte County, specifically its challenges and opportunities, and we represent a cross-section of the community. We can help you make informed decisions, if and when you ask.
  12. We offer creative ways to give.
  13. Our financial experts can make the best of any charitable situation.
  14. It’s quick and easy.
  15. Though the endowment will continue in perpetuity, the necessary paperwork to establish it can be completed in minutes.
  16. We are publicly accountable
  17. An independent certified audit or review is performed annually, and Unity makes a full accounting of its activities through newsletters and an Annual Report to the community.
  18. We meet the National Ethical and Operational Standards.

Cash/Check: The quickest and easiest way to make a difference.

Securities: Donors receive a charitable tax deduction of the current value. If the securities (stocks or bonds) have appreciated in value since purchased, donor pays no capital gains tax.

Life Insurance: A donor can assign the policy and beneficiary rights to the Foundation. The match and charitable tax deduction will be lesser of the costs of cash value of the policy. If the donor continues to pay annual premiums, these, too, are tax deductible. The future benefit to the Unity Foundation will be equal to the face value of the policy.

Charitable Gift Annuity: These are the oldest, simplest, and most popular of the charitable payment plans. You can donate cash, marketable securities, or in some instances real estate, and in return the Unity Foundation guarantees to make specified annuity payments to the donor or other beneficiary. After the benefactor’s death, the annuity transfers to a Unity fund to help support La Porte County forever.

Real Estate: Property that is salable and does not require management. Gifts of long-term appreciated real estate offer tax advantages similar to appreciated securities.

Trust Funds: The beneficiary of a trust that pays a regular income may assign a portion of this income to the Foundation. The donor pays no further tax on this income and may take an income tax deduction for the value of assignment.

Real Estate with Life Interest: A donor may deed a home, farm, rentals, or land to the Unity Foundation, receive an immediate tax deduction for the remainder value, and retain the use of the same until death. The gift will not be subject to estate taxes. The sale of the asset provides a living endowment in the donor’s name.

Charitable Lead Trust: A donor can give assets to the Foundation for a designated period. The income is available for grants. After this period, the property in trust can be returned to the donor or donor’s estate. The donor pays no income or capital gains taxes during the period of control by the Unity Foundation of this asset.

Existing Charitable Trust in Banks: A charitable trust serves as a fund held by the Unity Foundation. Courts have allowed for the transfer and the trust operates as it always has, but now with simpler administration. Funds generally remain in the same financial institution.

Private Foundation Merger or Supporting Organization: For many reasons, individuals of private foundations find it more advantageous to operate as an advised fund within the Unity Foundation.

Agency Endowments: These funds can strengthen non-profit organizations by creating a permanent stream of income, gaining the technical and financial assistance of the Foundation and increasing visibility to the community.