When we formed in 1992, we only dreamed about the potential of a community foundation that would serve the county. That potential is starting to build. Since 1992, we’ve grown to more than $44 million. Because it’s permanent, those funds will be given to the community over and over again. The miracle of endowment. For good, forever.

We invite you to look to the Unity Foundation as a convenient and simple resource for you to care today, and create a better tomorrow.


Since 1992, Unity Foundation of La Porte County has served donors, nonprofits and local communities. As La Porte County’s community foundation, it manages more than $44 million in assets, administers more than 325 charitable funds, and has distributed more than $22 million through direct grants and scholarships.

How did that happen? Because of people who cared today and took actions to create a better tomorrow. It helps that our government provides tax incentives for families to be generous too!

We want you to know what we do, who we help, and where the money goes. We enjoy highlighting real people, non-profits and community efforts in our newsletters and reports to the community, available hereWhile they are full of helpful information, grant details and interesting stories, there’s still so much more we do!