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Michele Thompson, President of La Porte Savings Bank (left) is pictured with Unity Foundation President, Maggi Spartz (center) and Horizon Bank President, Tom Edwards (right). Both banks partnered to donate a total of $50,000 to the Love Our Lakes campaign, a project to preserve the front door to La Porte for now and future generations.

The Unity Foundation of La Porte County announced that it received support from two local banks for the “Love Our Lakes” project.  Both La Porte Savings Bank and Horizon Bank made gifts of $25,000 each toward the project at 1010 Pine Lake Avenue.

The Love Our Lakes, Pine Lake Avenue project includes a vision to preserve the beauty of the lakefront and enhance the community for generations, by preserving the two acre site of the former Roscoe’s restaurant.  The Unity Foundation is partnering with the La Porte Park Foundation, La Porte Park Department and others to create a public space on the water for all to enjoy.

La Porte Savings Bank President, Michele Thompson said, “I am pleased to announce the La Porte Savings Bank has pledged $25,000 to the ‘Love Our Lakes’ project.  Our local economy is stimulated in many ways as a result of our lakes, starting with the real estate surrounding the lakes and the value it has brought to our tax base over the years. Significant benefit comes to our businesses from both residents and out of town guests using the lakes. When local businesses thrive we all benefit, which helped La Porte Savings Bank make the decision to support this important community partnership.”

Tom Edwards, President of Horizon Bank, said, “When Horizon decided to contribute $25,000 to this project, we expected to see a return on our investment.  When I spoke with Bert Cook, Director of GLEDC about this project, he reminded me that quality of life was in the top 5 criteria for recruiting businesses and employees to a community.  Protecting this critical property forever will add to all we have to offer, making La Porte more attractive to employers and better for the people who live here. Horizon is glad to support this investment in our future.”

Maggi Spartz, Unity Foundation president said, “We are delighted that Horizon and La Porte Savings Bank have made significant gifts.  There are three phases to this project and we’ll need help to achieve them.  The phases are:  1. Acquisition, 2. Development and 3.Endowment. The idea is to make a ‘forever’ gift to the people of La Porte and have an endowment fund big enough to pay for ongoing support of the space, just like we did with Fort La Play Porte.”

For more information, look around our website or the Love Our Lakes face book page.
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