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“A Bench for Caps” Partnership”

How does “A Bench for Caps” work??

  • Sign your group up on our web site (must involve children)

  • Collect plastic caps

  • Trade them in for a recycled bench or picnic table

  • Build a stronger and recycle-educated community for our children


We will:

1.   Be keeping the plastic we’ve collected out of our landfills- caps, container lids from other items purchased at the grocery are very good polymers with yet a long life that should be reused

2.   Be recycling these plastics to make an attractive bench– for the comfort of future generations, in the location of our choice

Our promise:

We will carefully sort all the caps to guarantee that there is NO metal or other debris that could damage Green Tree’s machines when we are ready to exchange our caps (with $ check) for our bench we will call ahead to make an appointment

Green Tree’s promise:

We will put these same – carefully sorted – caps into the benches that the children will receive


* “A Bench for Caps” is a group project that must involve children. Individuals or adult groups will not be accepted.

** Learn more at: – Specifically look at the ABC Partnerships on the main webpage.

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