Barbara A. Carmen Memorial Fund: Endows teachers with grants for special enrichment programs in public and parochial schools in Michigan City.


Janet Collings Drayton Teacher Innovation Fund:  Supports innovative classroom projects that bring learning to life for students attending Kingsbury Elementary School.


Graduates of Isaac C. Elston High School Education Support Fundsupports public education in Michigan City.


Haiti Children’s Education Fund: This fund supports high school education programs for children in Haiti.


Ivy Tech Community College Pejic Campus – Michigan City Fund: Supports Ivy Tech’s Pejic Campus in delivering professional, technical, and lifelong education.


Ralph & Charlotte Jones Family Endowment: Supports the LaPorte Community School Corporation’s PreK – 12th Grade underfunded extracurricular activities


La Lumiere School Endowment Fund: Supports La Lumiere School, a coeducational and rigorous college-preparatory school.


Language Arts Fund for Queen of All SaintsSupports “Hoosier Books” program and other language arts programs.


La Porte County Educational Advancement Fund: Supports efforts to increase people’s success in school, work and life.


La Porte Educational Development Foundation Endowment Fund: Provides support and resources to enhance educational experiences for students in the La Porte Community Schools

La Porte High School Class of 1952 Fund: To help keep LPHS a great place to grow and learn.


League of Women Voters Education Fund: Supports educational activities of the La Porte County League.


Marquette Catholic High School Education Fund: Supports students of modest means to attend and benefit from a high quality, catholic education at Marquette Catholic High School.


Michigan City Area Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation: Enhances the quality of public education through programs not normally funded through tax dollars.


Michigan City Area Schools Endowment Fund: Supports the schools as “the unifying force of our diverse community.”

Michigan City Education Foundation
Currently funds small grants for teachers to develop and implement creative programs in the classroom in grades K-8.


J. Robert and Marjorie Miller Teacher Advancement Fund: Promotes teacher excellence within the LaPorte Community Schools.



Jeanette and George Neagu Gardens For All Fund: Provides access to Friendship Botanic Gardens’ programming, facilities and educational/recreational activities to under-served and/or disadvantaged families and children.


Notre Dame Catholic School Education Fund: Supports students of modest means to attend and benefit from a high quality, catholic education at Notre Dame Catholic School.


Peepers for Teachers: Supports teachers at private and public schools in the La Porte County area.


South Central Education Foundation: Supports the South Central school community


Teacher Innovation Fund for MCAS: Provides small grants to support educators who develop or replicate innovative approaches and methods to make learning more effective and exciting.


Westville Schools (MSD of New Durham Twp) Endowment: Enhances the Westville schools, grades K-12, now and forever.