Health Care Related

Center for Hospice Care Fund: Supports Center for Hospice Care.


Duneland Health Council, Inc.: Dedicated to improving health and general welfare of the greater Michigan City community.


Erdheim – Chester Disease Global Alliance Fund: Provides support to the EDC Global Alliance Inc. for its mission to  raise awareness, support, education, and research related to the rare Erdheim-Chester disease and other activities.


Franciscan St. Anthony Health, Michigan City Fund: Supports a variety of projects that promote St. Anthony’s mission.


Mosette Levin Fund: Helps La Porte County residents suffering from cancer.


Open Door Health Center Endowment FundProvides income for the emergency medicine account.


Dr. R. Thomas Rocke SMILE Foundation: Provides financial assistance for orthodontic treatment of disadvantaged children in LaPorte County.


VNA of LaPorte County Endowment: Provides health and social services to individuals who do not qualify for institutional care or prefer to stay in their own environment.