Senior Citizen Well Being and Other-abled

The Agrawal Family Endowment Fund for the Benefit of the Social and Learning Institute: Supports the Social and Learning Institute for the Disadvantaged, Inc. as it provides social learning programs for the intellectually disabled and other developmentally disabled persons.


The Gardner and Guerrucci Memorial Endowment Fund for The Social and Learning Institute: Offers a unique educational experience for mentally, physically, and/or emotionally disadvantaged young adults who are no longer able to attend public school or participate in another program.

Legacy Fund for the Swanson Activity Center for Older Adults: Sustains the Center as it serves senior citizens in the greater La Porte area.


Library Services for the Disabled Fund: Helps the Michigan City Public Library better serve the disabled.


Paladin, Inc. Fund: Provides vocational, developmental, and advocacy services for people with disabilities and/or other vocational disadvantages to enhance their individual potential


Senior Independence Fund: Assists Parents and Friends, Inc in meeting the needs of the elderly population by offering transportation, nutrition, guardianship, financial counseling and other services.


Share Foundation with the Handicapped Inc. Endowment Fund: Serves the residential, vocational, and social needs of adults with disabilities as provided by the Share Foundation with the Handicapped, Inc. as long as it operates in and/or serves disabled adult residents of La Porte County, Indiana.