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Housing Opportunities Awarded $2M to Build Single Family Homes In MC Neighborhoods

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) has chosen Housing
Opportunities as one of three (3) partners for its new HOME Investment Partnerships Program
Innovation Round and Project Development Training. The $2 million grant, is led by Housing
Opportunities and with partners 1st Source Bank and the Unity Foundation of La Porte County. The
project will be implemented over several years and allow Housing Opportunities to build up to 30 single
family homes in the Eastport and Westside neighborhoods in Michigan City, including eight in its first

“This is an exciting time for us,” said Jordan Stanfill, Housing Opportunities CEO. “We are proud to have
been selected for this grant and are ready to start the great work it will allow us to do. The result will be
more new homes that families can afford, which is a significant need in our city.”

In addition to the builds, future homeowners will have pre-purchase and post-purchase counseling
available to them. 1st Source Bank is one of the institutions available for financial help.

“We are proud to partner with Housing Opportunities and the Unity Foundation of La Porte County,”
said Ray Yarber, Senior Vice President at 1st Source Bank. “We strive to provide our community with
financial security and a chance to build wealth, and we believe this project is doing just that.”

The Unity Foundation’s role is to guide the “Home Team,” a coalition of 30+ non-profits, to connect
people and families to this new home ownership opportunity.

Maggi Spartz, President of Unity Foundation said, “This grant will get several Michigan City families into
a home they can afford. This is a key step towards family stability and prosperity. We are proud to
partner with Housing Opportunities & 1st Source Bank on this important project.”

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