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Indiana Residents Should Apply Now for Rental Assistance through New State Program

LA PORTE COUNTY, IN — Indiana residents in need of rental assistance should apply now to a
federally-funded state program offering assistance on a first-come, first-served basis.

People can apply online at and will be filtered to one of two programs based
on applicant data: Emergency Service Grant Covid-19 (ESG-CV) or the Rental Assistance Fund (RAF).
The State of Indiana will determine which fund applicants qualify for.

The ESG-CV program will provide rental assistance for applicants with income capped at 0-50% AMI
beginning April 1, 2020 related to COVID-19. New income limits in La Porte are single person ($23,000)
and family of 4 ($32,500).

The RAF program will provide up to $500 a month for four months to people who’ve lost income during
the pandemic. The money can be used to help cover unpaid rent from previous months and to help pay
going forward. To be eligible, the applicant’s current household income – including unemployment –
must be less than it was before March. This program is only available if the renter’s landlord agrees to
participate. It will not cover the full amount of rent. Tenants are encouraged to talk with their landlord
to workout repayment plans.

For more information about the Home Team of La Porte County email

About The Home Team

The Home Team of La Porte County is a collaboration of over 120 nonprofits, government, churches, and
passionate individuals concerned with housing and homelessness, facilitated through Unity Foundation
of La Porte County since its inception over 15 years ago.

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