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LA PORTE COUNTY, IN — Unity Foundation of La Porte County is awarding over $330,000 in scholarships to 200 students from 50 different scholarship funds for the 2022-2023 academic year. Since 1992, Unity has awarded more than $3 million in scholarships to help area students advance their education. The recipients are attending 52 different colleges and universities across the United States and Canada.

Shannon Walker, Unity Foundation Vice President, said, “This year’s scholarship recipients represent the best of La Porte County. They have persevered in the face of unique circumstances during the past few years of their education, and we wish them continued success in their academic careers.”

In lieu of an in-person gathering to celebrate these students, a virtual scholarship presentation recognizing this year’s recipients and the donors who make these scholarships possible is available on the Unity website,, YouTube channel and Facebook page.

“Unity loves investing in our students! We can only do this because of our visionary donors who provide perpetual support for La Porte County students pursuing their dreams. We know it’s helping whole families by easing the tuition burden,” said Maggi Spartz, Unity Foundation President.

Students may apply for scholarships for the 2023-2024 school year beginning in January 2023. High school seniors, non-traditional or returning students, as well as those pursuing certificates or undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degrees are encouraged to visit to learn more about the opportunities available.

Since 1992, Unity Foundation of La Porte County has served donors, nonprofits and local communities. As La Porte County’s community foundation, it manages over $40 million in assets, administers more than 325 charitable funds, and has distributed more than $22 million through direct grants and scholarships. The Council on Foundations has deemed Unity Foundation in compliance with all Indiana and national ethical and operating standards for community foundations. Unity Foundation’s mission is to strengthen La Porte County now and forever by building permanent endowments; providing leadership; offering philanthropic vehicles for everyone; and being a catalyst for social and economic vitality. For more information, please visit or call 219-879-0327.


Alexander Ake
Christine Ake
Layana Aoun
Zachary Archambault
Laura Bahena
Jory Bales
Yatziry Barrera
Charlotte Bartlett
Alexis Becker
Janaya Blakely
Jayana Blakely
Riese Bornell
Megan Boyd
Alaina Brown
Justin Bunce
Lillian Burke
Moriah Carmel
Lacie Carr
Austin Casto
Trenten Chalik
Isaac Chezem
Chloe Cloutier
James Collins
Paige Conklin
Jillian Cooney
Bryn Cothran
Olivia Cramer-Stevens
Lanie Criswell
Paige Dew
Olivia DeWitt
Lillian Dingman
Ian Doms
Breanna Dove
Ella Dubbs
Hannah Eikelberg
Emma Ekblaw
Carley Ellenberger
Jacob Ellis
Jamie Ellis
Janelle Elwood
Laura Fischer
Emma Fleshman
Alyssa Foster
Jade Foster
Brooklynn Fugate
Nathan Galinowski
Aviana Garner
Ben Garwood
Grant Godwin
Kyle Gorski
Allison Grabarczyk
Emily Gushrowski
Megan Gushrowski
Nicholas Gushrowski
Kasey Halfacre
De’Jah Hawkins-
Emma Heffron
Byonka Hernandez
Erica Hesters
Nicole Hesters
Maria Hoang
Victoria Horne
Jibreel Hoskins
Emily Huff
Abigail Huff
Erik Hultgren
Paige Hunter
Jessica Jara Huizar
Lauren Jaracz
Audrey Jeffers
Erin Johnson
Rachel Johnson
Caroline Kearney
Joel Kelley
Julia Kelley
Abigail Kemiel
Jennifer Kievert
Jacob Kiser
Anna Kmiecik
Elaina Kobitz
Rylie Koepke
Thomas Komay
Preston Krause
Thomas Krause
Anna Kubik
Michael Lakin
Bailee Laux
Theodore Lefeber
Danielle Lilly
Nathan Lilly
Morgan Llewellyn
McKenzie Losinski
Maura Mack
Kasia Maddox
Michael Malloy
James Malony
Rebecca Marxman
Jillian Matzke
Paige Maudlin
Makenna Micallef
Josiah Miller
Kilee Miller
Hannah Misch
Emma Mitschelen
Riley Moody
Sydney Moody
Arturo Munoz
Mary Murphy
Molly Neary
Rory Neary
Payton Neely
Jayme Noll
Logan Notaro
Elisabeth Novak
Rebekah Novak
Spencer Noveroske
Madeleine Nunn
Janelle O’Neal
Grace Olah
Austen Ott
Garrott Ott-Large
Grant Ott-Large
Parker Peterson
Marcy Petri
Roman Piergalski
Benjamin Pizarek
Paige Pizarek
Tristen Poe
Autumn Reynolds
Emma Rice
Shelby Riehle
Megan Riley
Makayla Robinson
Jonathan Rocke
Caleb Rosa
Gideon Rosa
Katelyn Rudolph
Melissa Rudolph
Emily Samuelson
Joanie Sanchez
Alexandrea Sanders
Brittney Sanders
Elizabeth Schable
Lexi Scheidt
Hannah Schoner
Joshua Schooley
Bethany Schuster
Hannah Schuster
Karah Schutz
Mareeya Scully
Alyssa Shaia
Samantha Shei
Jacob Sherrick
Rachel Sherrick
Nicholas Shuble
Sara Siegmund
Brianne Simmons
Taylor Skibinski
Evan Skoglund
Sarah Smith
Ashlei Sonnenberg
Sophie Sorg
Sydney Starks
Savannah Starr
Matthew Steele
Riley Steinhiser
Cory Stevenson
Nathan Stevenson
Sidney Swanson
Grace Tarnow
Mia Taylor
Bria Thomas
Russell Thomas
Abigail Tomblin
Lauren Trim
Alexander Tuszynski
Joseph Tuszynski
Sela Van Buskirk
Sydney Varnak
Riya Verma
Maria Wadle
Abigail Walker
Lauren West
Alexander Willoughby
Samantha Wilson
Brenna Woodruff
Grace Wyness
Natalie Yacullo
Camryn Young
Emily Young
Mason Young
Allison Zila
Gavin Zolvinski

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