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Amor Scholarship

Judith A. Amor Nursing Scholarship recipient Jenna Burke (center) with donors Matt & Maria Amor

With the addition of four new funds, Unity Foundation of La Porte County has awarded scholarships to more than 100 students in the amount of $143,236.

Recipients were honored – along with donors of the scholarships – during a celebration event at Heston Hills. Sponsorship assistance was provided by The La Porte Savings Bank and NIPSCO.

The above total includes $16,986 awarded earlier to 15 students through five additional scholarships held by Unity. These students are selected by La Porte High School and were recognized at their honors night.

Two full-tuition Lilly Community Endowment Scholarship winners were celebrated at the Unity reception: Mariah Micallef and Johnna Belkiewitz from La Porte High School. Those tuition payments and book stipends additionally total approximately $20,000 for the coming year.

Four new scholarships were established this year by families and other community supporters, to support La Porte County students working to further their education. They included the Judith A. Amor Nursing Scholarship, started by her son, Matt, and his wife, Maria, to honor his mother’s passion and occupation.

The family of James A. and Phyllis A. Garwood created a memorial scholarship to commemorate their parents’ love and support of music and performance, which spanned many decades.

The La Porte County E-Z Riders Horse & Pony Scholarshiphonors dedication to membership in 4-H Horse & Pony and the E-Z Riders clubs, while the Galena Township Scholarship Fund offers assistance to further education for students who live in that township.

Persons who would like to contribute to any of the scholarship funds – or start their own legacy – may contact Unity Foundation at 219-879-0327 or 1-888-898-6489. Checks may be mailed to PO Box 527, Michigan City, 46361 – or give by credit card at

Kabelin Table 3

The full list of 2014 Unity Foundation scholarship winners and award amounts include:

Anne H. Daley Youth Service Bureau Scholarship: $500 Jessica Reason

Arlo & Jayne Westphal Memorial Scholarship: $500 Kendra Job

Arthur & Alice Kabelin Scholarship: $1,000 Jacob Archambault, $1,000 Taylor Baima, $1,000 Celia Hernandez, $1,000 Kathryn Kruse, $1,000 Jessica Parker, $1,000 Stephanie Peo

Bensz Family Scholarship: $1,000 Amanda Yadavia

Carley Dickard Memorial Scholarship: $500 Taylor Bowen, $500 Lauren Miltenberger, $500 Megan Noe

Cunningham Scholarship: $500 Parker Buell

Diane K. Bamberth Memorial Award: $1,000 Emily Barsic

D.I. Walker Scholarship: $1,000 LeeAnna Ciastko, $1,000 Madison Kutch

Donald F. Scott Motivational Scholarship: $1,000 Zach Biggs, $1,000 Dante Cardenas, $1,000 Kieri Everett, $2,000 Catherine Huynh, $1,000 Michal Krol, $1,000 Kayla Nelson, $1,000 Amanda Yadavia

Dr. & Mrs. Carl N. Fischer Scholarship: $1,000 James O’Neal

Dr. Edwin C. & Alice J. Mueller Scholarship: $2,500 Melissa Coffeen

Dr. King S. Jones Memorial Scholarship: $500 McKenzie Coleman, $500 Haley Gesse, $500 Natalie Swedenberg

Edward B. Siperek & Grace A. Steele Siperek Scholarship: $500 Larry Capusan, $500 Jenna Kalsow, $500 Anthony Raymond, $500 Jordi Saunders, $500 Brock Sell

Ernest & Mildred Delco Scholarship: $500 Jeremiah Burke, $500 Jasper Dittmar, $500 Nolan Sampson

Floyd O. & Betty L. Shunk Scholarship: $1,000 Andrew Bartels, $1,000 Holly Buresh, $1,000 Tyler Erne, $1,000 Martin Garcia Chavez, $1,000 Amber Haack, $1,000 Alec James, $1,000 Gabriela Mazur, $1,000 Jessica Noll, $1,000 Elijah Owen, $1,000 Olivia Steele, $1,000 Andrew Taschler,

Gail’s Gift Scholarship: $2,500 Zach Biggs, $1,000 Kieri Everett, $1,000 Sara Kreighbaum, $1,000 Hannah McClintock

NEW – Galena Township Scholarship Fund: $500 Lexis Williams

Gustav J. & Elma A. Banzhaf Memorial Scholarship: $500 Brandon Ames, $500 Jenna Burke, $500 Jeremiah Burke, $1,000 Susan Feldt, $1,500 Lisa Fischer, $1,000 Taylor Kincaid, $1,500 Brooke Kresca, $1,500 Deanna  Menke, $1,000 Lexis Williams

Ingersoll Trust Scholarship: $1,000 Jessica-Lena Bohlin, $1,000 Whitney Hart, $1,000 Emily Link, $1,000 Jenice O’Neal, $1,000 Kaitlyn Taylor

Irvin E. Swanson Scholarship: $1,000 Chloe Christ, $1,000 Izabela Mazur, $1,000 Jessica Noll, $1,000 Paige Pope

Jack Lubeznik Scholarship: $500 Katarzyna Krol

NEW – James A. and Phyllis A. Garwood Memorial Music Scholarship: $1,000 LeeAnna Ciastko, $1,000 Madison Kutch

Jan R. Nona Environmental Award: $500 Halie Hajek

John R. & Florene A. Troyer Scholarship: $1,000 Jessica Reason

NEW – Judith A. Amor Nursing Scholarship: $1,000 Jenna Burke

K.A.T. Volunteer Scholarship: $2,000 Gabriella Mazur, $2,000 Izabela Mazur

Kabelin Family Scholarship: $1,000 James Haferkamp, $1,000 Jaymie Pliskey, $1,000 Cody Richard

NEW – La Porte County E-Z Riders Horse & Pony Scholarship: $500 Madeline Voelker, $500 Lexis Williams

La Porte County Nursing Scholarship: $1,000 Jenna Burke, $1,000 Megan Eggert, $1,000 Tyler Erne, $1,000 Elizabeth Gesse, $1,000 Deneza Jadol, $1,000 Lindsay Kreighbaum, $1,000 Sarah Mumma, $1,000 Kaitlyn Thomas, $1,000 Stephanie Van Sickle, $1,000 Clare Wisthoff

Lloyd G. & Betty Jane Clayton Scholarship: $1,000 Alison Searle

Marilouise Lundgren Lossing Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 Madison Chartier, $1,000 Martin Garcia Chavez, $1,000 Samantha Holifield, $1,000 Bree Morgan, $1,000 Sara Noe, $1,000 Andrew Steck

Pioneer Scholarship: $1,000 Michal Krol, $1,000 Laura Sosinski, $1,000 Brenda Stellema

Robert A. & Dorothy W. Rocke Scholarship: $1,000 Caitlin Anderson, $1,000 Esmeralda Guzman, $1,000 Sarah Harrison, $1,000 Victoria Hooley, $1,000 Hannah Jasicki, $1,000 Hailey Sprouse, $1,000 Nicholas Tobar, $1,000 Alex Toth, $1,000 Adam Tschida

Robert E. Le Roy Scholarship: $500 Ryan Hawkins, $500 Zach Liberatore, $500 Alison Searle

Robert J. Hiler Memorial Scholarship: $2,500 Brian Underwood, $2,500 Diana Salgado-Ferrer, $2,500 Ian Price, $2,500 Paige Pope, $2,500, Cesar Medina, $2,500 Taylor Kincaid, $2,500 Richard Carlson.

Ruth M. Howe Nursing Scholarship: $500 Jenna Burke

Terence Metcalf Memorial Scholarship: $250 Katie Gurnicz

Unity Foundation County-Wide Scholarship: $500 Stephanie Lee

William Vernon Compton Scholarship: $1,000 Jessica Dove

Harold and Rowena Hargrave Trust: $545 Rachel Edlen

Harry L. Kelling Memorial: $168.44 Whitney Hart, $168.44 Marinda Landry, $196.67 Bree Morgan, $182.55 Jessica Noll, $224.90 Aaron Vaughn                                                  

Redington and Rootes Scholarship: $1,244.46 Rachel Edlen, $2,770.80 Alison Searle, $2,436 Scott Vaughn, $2,274.37, Donald Weber, $2,274.37 Stuart West

Loyal Perlich Outstanding Speaker Award: $1,000 Jessica-Lena Bohlin, $1,000 Jordi Saunders

Ida M. Reffett Debate Scholarship: $1,000 Taylor Goodwin $1,000 Taylor Martin

Anonymous Scholarship: $500 Tumi Vo

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