Robert and Anita Ludington embodied the “American Dream.” They were hard workers who valued education and determination. Robert served two tours with the US Navy, and received a degree from Purdue by taking classes at Barker Mansion. His job as a draftsman at Pullman-Standard led to an interest in railways.  With partner, Robert Holloway, he invented the “Slack Adjuster System”, a device that simplified the process for replacing rail car brakes. This invention made the task safer, and prevented many men for disability or even death.

By 1964, Robert Ludington was a full-time inventor and engineering consultant. He continued his education at various schools including Purdue and Notre Dame.  That continued education mirrored his continued curiosity.  His last patent was officially published in 1987 at the age of 60, almost 30 years after the Slack Adjuster System.

When Anita decided to return to school after a twelve year gap, Robert was her biggest supporter! She went on to teach in Michigan City and found she had an affinity for students who faced the greatest challenges. The Ludingtons believed that education was the greatest gift one could give or receive.

In 2017, the Robert and Anita Huppenthal Ludington Scholarship was started with a special focus on assisting returning and non-traditional students, including veterans.  The legacy of the Ludingtons live on through the many students who benefit from the scholarship.  Since it started, over $190,000 has been granted out to students, showing them we believe in them and their education!     

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