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Community Funds 

These funds are established to benefit the specific community to which they are directed. They are flexible funds, responsive to ever-changing needs. A knowledgeable group of local people monitor community needs and resources and have the challenging task of deciding how to best use the funds.

Field of Interest Funds & Agency Funds

These funds benefit a specific charitable organization or cause.


Animal Care & Animal Education

Animal Lovers Fund:  Promotes the welfare and care of animals within La Porte County.

Independent Cat Society: Promotes the welfare of all animals, especially cats, and an aggressive spay/neuter program in the Northwest Indiana region.

La Porte County Small Animal Shelter: Supports the La Porte County Small Animal Shelter to provide a safe and caring environment for stray animals in need.

Michiana Humane Society: Supports homeless and/or abused domestic animals while educating the community with kindness for all.

Polad Animal Care Fund: Helps animals that have become homeless as a result of their owners death, disappearance, or inability to care for them.

Washington Park Zoo Fund: Supports the MC Zoological Society, especially animal care and habitat improvement.

Clarence Weinkauff Jr. Grant Fund:  Promotes the 4–H swine program and the breeding of swine in La Porte County.

Arts & Culture

Arts In The Park Endowment Fund: Raises art awareness, supports a wide variety of musical performances in La Porte’s Fox Park, and increases the quality of life in and around the city of La Porte.

Arts United Fund of La Porte County: Promotes fine and performing arts in La Porte County.

Bankoff Family Fund for the Sinai Sunday Evening Forum Brings the “world” closer to home through this long-standing speaker series.

Beverly Shore History Museum and Art Gallery Fund: Preserves the history of Beverly Shores and supports the historic “Depot” art gallery.

Canterbury Guild Inc. Endowment Fund: Supports year-round professional and semi-professional theater productions and related activities.

Carillon Fund of The Presbyterian Church of La Porte: assures the carillon, located at The Presbyterian Church in La Porte, Indiana can be used and enjoyed by the community for generations to come.

Barry Dulyea Arts for Children Fund: Enriches the lives of youth through the fine arts.

Dunes Arts Foundation Endowment: Supports fine and performing arts for children and adults in LaPorte County.

Eugene & Marilyn Glick Arts Fund: Provides financial support and promotes appreciation and participation of fine and performing arts in the city of LaPorte.

Indiana Humanities Council Fund:  Supports humanities programs in LaPorte County.

La Porte County Symphony Orchestra Fund: Helps the symphony to bring quality orchestral programs to LaPorte County.

La Porte Little Theatre Club Endowment Fund: Supports La Porte Little Theatre Club as a community theatre that aims to provide quality theatrical experiences to Northwest Indiana audiences and actors.

La Porte Music Club, Inc. Fund: Provides both moral and financial support to the Music Department in the La Porte Community Schools.

Dale E. Landsman Arts Foundation: Supports fine arts, including education and appreciation; commercial arts of advertising and graphic design.

Jack and Shirley Lubeznik Center for the Arts: Helps fund special projects and to introduce local students to museum situations and to art appreciation.

Jerry Peters Memorial Fund: Supports a wide variety of charitable causes, particularly related to arts & culture.

Ted and Ruth Rohrabaugh Fund for the Michigan City Lakefront Amphitheater: Buys music for the Michigan City Municipal Band.

Julia Diane Ragains Slawin Music Fund: Provides support for students to participate and thrive in school music programs

Sculptor Isamu Noguchi Tribute Fund: Supports efforts to bring the Noguchi story to La Porte County.

Stisher Family La Porte High School Band Fund: Supports the La Porte High School Band Department and its efforts to provide excellent opportunities for its organizations.

Taleamor Park Environment and Art Fund: Provides cultural experiences integrating art, agriculture, and the environment.

Sandra L. Young Arts Appreciation Fund: Supports arts and culture for the enrichment of La Porte County Residents.

 Community Development & Philanthropy

African American Empowerment Fund: increases socioeconomic conditions of African Americans in La Porte County.

Bethany Community Fund: Creates and sustains a healthier and more livable community, and support charitable activities of the non profit organization.

Economic Development Investment Fund: Supports county-wide economic development.

Honor our Military Fund: Honors and supports current and former military service members.

Jim Jessup Future Leaders Fund: Supports community leadership development opportunities.

Kankakee Valley Workforce Development FundProvides education and training for skill development and enhancement of residents.

Kiwanis Club of LaPorte Charitable Fund: Supports the charitable activities of the Kiwanis Club of La Porte, Indiana.

Leadership LaPorte County Fund: Assists Leadership La Porte County in its mission to help make La Porte County more ‘leader-full”

Michigan City Lion Charities, Inc. Endowment Fund: Provides support to assist charitable organizations in Michigan City.

Rotary Club of Michigan City Foundation: Supports scholarships and charitable organizations in Michigan City.

George H. and Madeline A. Smrt West Side Neighborhood Fund: Benefits the West Side Neighborhood of Michigan City.

United Way La Porte County Endowment Fund: Helps fund United Way operations.

Unity Foundation Operating Fund Supports day-to-day operations needed to serve La Porte County.

Unity Foundation Operating Endowment Fund: Helps Unity to help others…forever.

Wanatah Lions Club Endowment Fund: Supports the charitable activities of the Wanatah Lions Club.

Ron Wood Jr. Memorial Water Safety Fund: Assists with water safety programs & many activities that fulfill charitable needs.


Barbara A. Carmen Memorial Fund: Endows teachers with grants for special enrichment programs in public and parochial schools in Michigan City.

Janet Collings Drayton Teacher Innovation Fund:  Supports innovative classroom projects that bring learning to life for students attending Kingsbury Elementary School.

The Graduates of Isaac C. Elston High School Education Support Fund: supports public education in Michigan City.

Haiti Children’s Education FundThis fund supports high school education programs for children in Haiti.

Ivy Tech Community College Pejic Campus – Michigan City Fund: Supports Ivy Tech’s Pejic Campus in delivering professional, technical, and lifelong education.

Ralph & Charlotte Jones Family Endowment: Supports the LaPorte Community School Corporation’s PreK – 12th Grade underfunded extracurricular activities

La Lumiere School Endowment Fund: Supports La Lumiere School, a coeducational and rigorous college-preparatory school.

Language Arts Fund for Queen of All Saints: Supports “Hoosier Books” program and other language arts programs.

La Porte County Educational Advancement Fund: Supports efforts to increase people’s success in school, work and life.

La Porte Educational Development Foundation Endowment Fund

La Porte High School Class of 1952 FundTo help keep LPHS a great place to grow and learn.

League of Women Voters Education Fund: Supports educational activities of the La Porte County League.

Marquette Catholic High School Education Fund: Supports students of modest means to attend and benefit from a high quality, catholic education at Marquette Catholic High School.

Michigan City Area Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation: Enhances the quality of public education through programs not normally funded through tax dollars.

Michigan City Area Schools Endowment FundSupports the schools as “the unifying force of our diverse community.”

Michigan City Education FoundationCurrently funds small grants for teachers to develop and implement creative programs in the classroom in grades K-8.

J. Robert and Marjorie Miller Teacher Advancement FundPromotes teacher excellence within the LaPorte Community Schools.

Jeanette and George Neagu Gardens For All Fund: Provides access to Friendship Botanic Gardens’ programming, facilities and educational/recreational activities to under-served and/or disadvantaged families and children.

Notre Dame Catholic School Education Fund: Supports students of modest means to attend and benefit from a high quality, catholic education at Notre Dame Catholic School.

Peepers for Teachers: Supports teachers at private and public schools in the La Porte County area.

South Central Education Foundation: Support the South Central school community and to create further educational experiences for children by extending the financial resource needed for the educators and students

Teacher Innovation Fund for MCAS: Provides small grants to support educators who develop or replicate innovative approaches and methods to make learning more effective and exciting.

Westville Schools (MSD of New Durham Twp) Endowment: Enhances the Westville schools, grades K-12, now and forever.

Emergency Services, Housing & Food

Affordable Housing Fund for the Greater Michigan City Area: Supports affordable housing for low-to moderate- income households.

American Red Cross Endowment Fund – La Porte County ChapterProvides relief to the victims of disaster and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Gary: Provides a Christian response to help meet a variety of human needs in LaPorte County.

Food Bank of Northern Indiana Fund: Helps feed hungry families in LaPorte County.

Home Team Project Fund: Supports the coalition of agencies and individuals who gather to address the topics of housing and homelessness in La Porte County.

Homeward Bound, Inc. Endowment Fund: provides a financial hand up to people moving out of homelessness or those at risk of becoming homeless.

Housing Opportunities Endowment Fund: Supports development and provision of safe, decent, and affordable housing and customized support services.

Interfaith Community PADS Endowment Fund: Supports the organization in providing food, shelter and resource referrals to the homeless population in our community.

La Porte County Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund: Supports relief and recovery efforts that impact the residents of La Porte County in the event of any disaster.

La Porte County Habitat for Humanity, Inc.: Supports work to build decent affordable housing to enhance lives and strengthen the community.

La Porte County Meals on Wheels Endowment: Delivers nutritious meals to the homebound in La Porte County.

Michigan City Holiday Meals: Provides funding for holiday (Thanksgiving and Christmas) dinners for people in the Michigan City area who would otherwise go hungry or be alone.

Michigan City Homeless Fund: Supports Sandcastle Shelter for women and children that provides temporary emergency lodging with the goal of securing permanent housing.

Lorraine Gehrke Orlowski Fund for Housing & Homelessness: Assists in preventing homelessness and helping people who find themselves without a safe and habitable place to live.

The Salvation Army of LaPorte Endowment Fund: Provides support to The Salvation Army of La Porte, Indiana to provide basic human services to those in need as described by its governing documents.

The Salvation Army of Michigan City Endowment Fund: Helps the Salvation Army meet people’s most basic needs.

The Salvation Army of Michigan City Major Building Repairs Fund: Maintains buildings so that it can provide “soup, soap and salvation” to those in need.

Stepping Stone Shelter Endowment Fund: Provides emergency shelter for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence.

 Environment, Parks, & Recreation

Barker Woods Stewardship Fund: Provides environmental stewardship for the Barker Woods Nature Preserve and other properties.

Beechwood Golf Course Endowment Fund: Supports improvements to and maintenance of Beechwood Golf Course, a beautiful public golf course operated through the LaPorte Park Department, La Porte, Indiana.

Dunes Environmental Learning Center Tuition Assistance Fund: Helps LaPorte County students attend the many outstanding and experiential environmental learning programs.

Environmental Improvement Fund for La Porte County: Supports projects and programs that improve the quality of land, air and/or waters of LaPorte County.

Fort LaPlay Porte Endowment: Provides long-term maintenance of Fort LaPlay Porte, at Kesling Park.

Fox Memorial Park Endowment Fund: Provides for the development, maintenance, upkeep, and capital improvements of Fox Memorial Park

Friendship Botanic Gardens Fund: Supports the gardens, programs and ground facilities.

June B. Kelley Garden Fund for Long Beach: Preserves, maintains and develops public gardens in Long Beach, Indiana.

LaPorte City Park Foundation Fund: Supports maintenance and improvement of LaPorte City parks.

LaPorte County Conservation Fund: Supports efforts to empower residents to conserve and improve our soil, water, and related natural resources.

LaPorte County Conservation Trust Fund: Provides funds to purchase vital natural areas and protect bio-diversity in LaPorte County.

LaPorte County Park Foundation Fund: Supports land acquisition, park improvements, and matching funds for park grants.

Long Beach Tree Fund: Preserve and enhance tree population in Long Beach.

Mill Pond Park Fund: Supports the Mill Pond Park in Union Mills.

Jan Nona Environmental Stewardship Award Fund: Rewards students or teachers in the M. C. area, to move beyond being an ordinary citizen and become involved in local environmental issues in the community.

Rotary Special Projects Fund: Supports the Michigan City Rotary Club’s special projects.

Save the Dunes Conservation Fund Endowment: Supports environmental programs and operations.

Shirley Heinze Land Trust Endowment for LaPorte County: Supports acquisition of natural areas for preservation in LaPorte County; restores and maintains biological integrity of the natural landscape.

Trail Creek Watershed Partnership Project Fund: Supports the work of Trail Creek Watershed Partnership to provide stewardship and leadership in order for future generations to enjoy the natural beauty and prosperity of a clean Trail Creek

Unity Park Endowment Fund:  Supports the park as public space to conserve and enhance the view of Pine Lake

Urban Forestry Fund: Helps to preserve, enhance the urban tree population in and around Michigan City.

Family Support

Children’s FundSupports Dunebrook as it maintains the child advocacy center, increases community awareness of child abuse/neglect and coordinates services for victims and families.

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Fund: Supports efforts to advocate safe, permanent homes for abused and neglected children.

LaPorte Family YMCA Child Care Center Fund: Supports the expanded child care center on Monroe Street in LaPorte.

Women’s Care Center of Greater La Porte County Endowment Fund: Supports the local Women’s Care Centers and their outreach to pregnant women and their babies.

Women’s Well-Being Fund: Improves the well-being of women and girls.

 Health Care

Center for Hospice Care Fund: Supports Center for Hospice Care.

Duneland Health Council, Inc.: Dedicated to improving health and general welfare of the greater Michigan City community.

Erdheim – Chester Disease Global Alliance Fund: Provides support to the EDC Global Alliance Inc. for its mission to  raise awareness, support, education, and research related to the rare Erdheim-Chester disease and other activities.

Franciscan St. Anthony Health, Michigan City Fund: Supports a variety of projects that promote St. Anthony’s mission.

Mosette Levin Fund: Helps La Porte County residents suffering from cancer.

Open Door Health Center Endowment FundProvides income for the emergency medicine account.

Dr. R. Thomas Rocke SMILE Foundation: Provides financial assistance for orthodontic treatment of disadvantaged children in LaPorte County.

VNA of LaPorte County Endowment: Provides health and social services to individuals who do not qualify for institutional care or prefer to stay in their own environment.

Historic Preservation

Celebrating Naomi Anderson Project Fund: Provides support to preserve the history of Naomi Bowman Talbert Anderson.

Long Beach Historical Society Fund: Supports efforts to connect people to the past by collecting, preserving, and sharing the history of Long Beach.

Michigan City Lighthouse Catwalk Maintenance: Assists in restoration and maintenance.

Dick Reel Memorial Pioneerland Fund: Supports efforts to preserve, maintain, and improve the physical and educational features of Pioneerland

Rumely/Allis-Chalmers La Porte Heritage Center Fund: Provides support to preserve the history of the Rumely and Allis-Chalmers companies’ important, innovative and iconic machinery.

Washington Park Bandstand Restoration and Maintenance Fund: Supports work to maintain the historic bandstand.

Literacy & Library Services

Kay Franklin Commemorative Fund: Furthers literacy and literature, particularly for the benefit of those at risk of illiteracy due to economic and/or cultural disadvantage.

LaCrosse Public Library Fund: Supports the library’s expansion, programs and services.

La Porte County Public Library Endowment Fund: Provides information, education, recreation resources, and emerging technologies to benefit the community.

Marquette Catholic High School Library Fund: Provides funds to purchase books, audio-visual and computer equipment, and other learning materials.

Michigan City Public Library Endowment FundSupports collections and programs.

READ La Porte County Literacy Fund: Increases reading, math and English skills in the community through tutoring.

Unity Foundation Literacy Fund: Removes barriers to education and improves literacy.


Mental Well Being

Anam Cara Endowment Fund: Supports Anam Cara Stables in their work to help people heal from emotional wounds, build resiliency and promote mental wellness.

Jeanette Popp Kent Mental Health Fund: Supports access to mental health services and removal of barriers to access.

Mental Health Fund of La Porte County: Promotes quality mental health resources for consumers of mental health services, families and the community.

Samaritan Counseling Centers Fund: Supports the community-based, interfaith counseling and educational service.

Worthy Women Recovery Home: Endowment Fund:  Supports WWRH, Inc. to provide recently incarcerated women with programs and tools necessary to empower them to live as positive role models.


 Positive Youth Development

4-H of La Porte County: Supports the 4-H Program to help youth develop important life skills.

Boys & Girls Club Endowment Fund: Provides inspiration and enables youth between 6 and 18 years of age to become responsible, productive, caring citizens.

Boy Scouts (LaSalle Council #165) Fund: Helps children in the development of character, value, and citizenship training through fun programs in the out of doors.

Imogene L. Dahl Purdue Extension La Porte Endowment Fund: Supports programs hosted by Purdue Extension La Porte County.

DeCamp’s Band of Brothers Fund: Supports programs designed to enrich the lives of youth through participation in positive sports programs.

Dr. Fischer La Porte High School Athletics Endowment Fund: Supports the La Porte High School Athletic Department and its efforts to provide excellent athletic opportunities to LPHS students regardless of ability to pay.

Foundations for Youth (Youth Service Bureau): Supports a wide variety of programs to benefit area youth.

Ray “ Shorty” Simpson Fund for Girls Scouts of Northern Indiana – Michiana: Supports the the Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana as they build girls of courage, confidence , and character, who make the world a better place.

Hands off Heroin Fund, MSD New Durham Twp Schools: Encourages students to make positive choices in their lives.

Imagination Station Fund: Improves the quality and accessibility of child care for the community and increases public awareness for the importance of quality early childhood experiences.

Junior Achievement of Michigan City: Provides Junior Achievement and economics programs in all Michigan City area schools, sending positive messages about business and government.

La Porte County Fair Unity Fund: Supports the fair, and 4-H programs and awards.

La Porte County Family YMCA Fund: Assists the LaPorte County Family YMCA to support children and families throughout their service area.

La Porte County Family YMCA Michigan City Elston Branch Endowment Fund: Supports the Elston YMCA Branch and its activities within the greater Michigan City, Indiana area.

La Porte Jaycees Deserving Children Endowment Fund: Helps to give the children of low-income households of La Porte, Indiana a merrier Christmas.

Lindsey O’Brien Kesling (LOK) Wishing Tree Foundation: Lives Love through carbon monoxide education and unleashing the artistic dreams of youth

Michigan City Area Schools Enrichment Fund: Supports afterschool care, mentoring, and other non-tax supported programs.

MCHS Athletic Booster Club, Inc. – Capital Fund: to support capital and equipment purchases, primarily for IHSAA (Indiana High School Association) – sanctioned athletic programs.

Zach McCoy Youth Development Fund: Supports a wide variety of youth development activities.

Aaron McNew Memorial Fund: Supports a wide variety of charitable causes that honor the life of Aaron and the gifts he shared during his lifetime.

New Prairie Athletic Capital Fund: Supports capital projects for athletic programs within the New Prairie, IN, School Corp. District.

Kent D. Ribordy Youth Fund: Supports a wide variety of positive youth activities, primarily serving youth of La Porte and Porter Counties in Indiana

Philip A. Sprague Care & Share Fund: Helps La Porte County youth discover the joy of philanthropy.

Teen Dream Fund: Encourages La Porte County youth participation in extracurricular activities.

Tuholski & Oberlie Environment and Arts Fund for Youth: Bring the environment and the arts closer to young people in the Michigan City area.

Charles Westcott Youth Fund: Supports education and recreational activities for youth in the greater Michigan City area.

Youth 2 Youth Endowment Fund: Promotes a hands-on program that teaches youth to be responsible grant makers and grant seekers.

Senior Citizen Well Being & Other-abled

The Agrawal Family Endowment Fund for the Benefit of the Social and Learning Institute: Supports the Social and Learning Institute for the Disadvantaged, Inc. as it provides social learning programs for the intellectually disabled and other developmentally disabled persons.

The Gardner and Guerrucci Memorial Endowment Fund for The Social and Learning Institute:  Offers a unique educational experience for mentally, physically, and/or emotionally disadvantaged young adults who are no longer able to attend public school or participate in another program.

Gesse Family Endowment for the Other-Abled: Supports the Social and Learning Institute for the Disadvantaged, Inc. as it provides social learning programs for the intellectually disabled and other developmentally disabled persons.

Legacy Fund for the Swanson Activity Center for Older Adults: Sustains the Center as it serves senior citizens in the greater La Porte area.

Library Services for the Disabled FundHelps the Michigan City Public Library better serve the disabled.

Paladin, Inc. Fund: Provides vocational, developmental, and advocacy services for people with disabilities and/or other vocational disadvantages to enhance their individual potential.

Reins of Life Michigan City Endowment Fund: to carry out its role and mission to improve the quality of life for children and adults with disabilities through equine-assisted therapy.

Senior Independence Fund: Assists Parents and Friends, Inc in meeting the needs of the elderly population by offering transportation, nutrition, guardianship, financial counseling and other services.

Share Foundation with the Handicapped Inc. Endowment Fund: Serves the residential, vocational, and social needs of adults with disabilities as provided by the Share Foundation with the Handicapped, Inc. as long as it operates in and/or serves disabled adult residents of La Porte County, Indiana.


 Scholarships & Awards

Donor Advised Funds

These funds are for charitable purposes recommended by the Donor Advisor.
Their recommendations are honored as long as they are deemed legal and charitable in nature.